Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 32: Need more game

Ok, one month in... how far have we got?

One mix, and a best left minimix. Some new found, yet still incomplete Ableton skillz, and thats more or less it.

I was gonna put up a graph showing points over time, but there is no need. Still stuck on a big fat 0/365.

Need to up the game.

So whats the plan? Effectively I am 31 points behind schedule, and Feburay's points will be adding up before long too. I need to reach 60 points before the end of the month. Ok so thats a tall order considering I could't manage 30 in January.

Girls gone wild WWII edition.

To be fair though, its a slow month, things are just getting back to normal after Christmas etc... I shouldn't be too hard on myself.

For those who missed it, you can find the score card here. So if I need 60 points by the end of the month, what are my options? Certainly would pay to have a fixed goal in mind.

I could try and get 6 name on flyer > 500 people bookings... if only it were that easy. Or 7 and a half articles in the printed media of less than 200 words... hmmm not entirely un-doable. Maybe one and a half sets on broadcast radio, damn I really did set the scoring system tightly didn't I.

OK, so we've got to be realistic. My best shot for gaining some points this month has to be getting some press coverage. 20 short on-line mentions will get me my 60 points. Hmm, 'almost' do-able.

So I've cobbled together something by the means of a press release (yes seriously). As you might have guess I can quite happily talk about myself, so it wasn't difficult. Now I am firing it out to some carefully selected scene giants.

If you received the press release, that means you are awesome. If you haven't received it yet, it's in the post, honest.



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