Saturday, March 14, 2009

Day 72: Sol Happy

What a difference a lovely bit of sun makes. The weather was glorious today, and it seems to bring out the best in everyone.

A friend of mine on facebook posted a link to a classic old skool house tune, that definitely has a summer vibe too, and this got me thinking. I love a good old piano tune, and this is a great example. Seeing as it is so old, I decided to have a go at updating it.

The tune is K-klass 'Let me Show you' from 1993 apparently. Seems like yesterday. First here's the original, then after that is the measly couple of bars that I was meddling with today.

Bring on the Sangria...




Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 71: You're not playing the life.

Finally the weekend rolls around again.

Apart from learning some synthesis basics, pretty slow in the world of BTDJ. I got a quote on getting some CDs printed properly, after making a wicked awesome design. We'll see how that goes.

The guys in the red - awesomely strong.

It's fiesta time here, and the kids are throwing high grade fireworks at each other like confetti. Great! Also means there are lots of DJ opportunities. Shame my collection of 80s Spanish pop rock is a bit lacking.

Hasta maƱana...




Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 70: And a log...

Now I am a sound synthesis expert (all of 12 pages in...) I have been fiddling round with some virtual synths a bit more.

Before hand I thought the idea was to get as many cool VST synths as possible to allow for as much a choice of sounds as possible. However I have already learnt that actually all you need is one good synth (in the main).

For example, Ableton has a built in synth called 'Analog'. I remember trying it, getting bored fairly quickly, and forgetting about it.

It wasn't very interesting to look at, and no 'cool presets'. However, now I understand the error of my ways. My friend Luke told me that apparently people rave about it, I had no idea why. Until now.

I revisited Analog after some reading about the basics of synthesis. All the other VSTs I had seemed to be lacking one or two key things, in lieu of lots of fancy filters etc. Analog however is yer straight up, meat and potatoes Analog emulator. It has everything you need to create technically almost any sound.

I can feel my beard growing as we speak.

So anyway, today's lesson is... looks can be deceiving.

I almost can't wait to get back home to tweak it out some more...




Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Day 69: Square Saw Sine V

Yesterday I mentioned I received some books to review. Well I am already getting stuck in to 'Dance Music manual,' and it's great. I'll spare the details for now... however sound synthesis is quite beardy it has to be said, and the book is going a long way to change that.

I mean don't get me wrong, I have a beard, and it's perfectly stroke worthy... just there is only so much talk of Hz, wave forms, interference etc before my eyes start to dry out. Never been a big one on theory, makes little sense to me until I can get hands on, so it's nice to see a valiant effort at making these fundamentals engaging.

In other news, I was never wanting to make this blog a repository for fashionista tunes, and hipster exclusives, there are a million blogs for that... however once in a while a tune just has to be blogged.

I loved the original of this, so when I saw that Trumpdisco had given it the once over I nearly cacked me pants, until tomorrow, enjoy:

We want your soul (Trumpdisco remix)




Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 68: Dance Music Production.

Hi Friends.

Today I received some books from the kind people at Focal Press. This signifies the beginning of the series of Reviews and tutorials I have been planning.

The first book I will be reviewing is The Dance Music Manual by Rick Snoman. The book comes in three sections, and I will make a three part review based around each section, then follow it up with an interview with the author himself.

I am quite excited about getting stuck in to this one to be honest. It's a weighty book, and I have heard good things about it so far. It's ideal too as the music production side of things (key to making it as a DJ) is where I have been focusing a lot of energy.

I haven't dipped in to the book yet, I barely just peeled off the plastic, so I am not sure how long it will take me to work through the first section, but I hope it will be soon.

I have 2 more books to review after this one (and hopefully more to follow) so keep yer eyes peeled for that.




Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 67: Don't touch my mimi.

OK, I love the Japanese, they are generally nuts, and invent awesome things. Plus their evil sense of warped humour is just ace (see any Japanese reality TV for more info).

So when I see things like the Mimi being invented, it makes me warm and fuzzy, knowing my Asian bredrins are keeping up the good work.

The Mimi Switch it seems is some weird pair of headphones, that have infrared sensors in them. These sensors can detect tiny movements in the ear caused by facial expressions etc. Think 'Wii-mote' on a tiny scale.

They claim that you can control your iPod (or really anything) simply by opening your eyes wider, or sticking your tongue out.

Anyone else thinking what's the deal with the tongue..?

I would love to see these in action with a Pacemaker, people on the tube will think you're nuts. No problems getting a seat though I guess.




Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 66: 8 Bits of music.

OK, So the whole 8-bit scene isn't new. But it is still alive and well that's for sure. I've not really meddled with it myself, until I discovered this cool little 8-bit VST synth. Best of all its totally free.

As you can imagine, largely things sound like this:

However as you'll agree that does bring back a whole new nostalgia. Who'd have thought back then that these chunky sounds would be making a legitimate revival.

Some Boy 8-bit here to provide a better example than mine: