Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 114: Intelligent Bangers

I love my bangers, that's no secret, I really do. I kinda partly wish I liked clever music, and part of me does. Just not the part of me that buys/dances to/plays music. I like loads of meaningful music, stuff that is quite intellectual, songs that can really generate a solid emotion... but one thing that's always eluded me is minimal.

The problem is, when I hear the word 'Minimal' my brain translates that as 'dull'. Some really soft beats, a few pops and clicks... nothing to hold on to. Give me a pounding 4/4 and a warbling B-line any day.

All this said, one thing I do see happening to my tastes is the gradual migration to the 'Intelligent Banger'. In fact remember that name, you heard it here first. Intelligent Bangers are those tunes that effortlessly fill a club, build the crowd up gently, yet measurably, and almost seem to drop without slapping you in the face, yet catch your feet.

These tunes are the ones that don't sound like obvious bangers on a home system, or even cranked up on good headphones... however on a club rig the groove seems to appear like a phoenix from the ashes, almost like getting a magic eye picture for the first time!

These are catching my interest more and more, and I think it might be due to Festival Season creeping upon us. These big building crowd pleasers are both fulfilling and booming, perfect for a large pining festival crowd.

Guess we need an example, here's one I bought earlier. No download on this one... go buy it on the 'port or djdownload if you likes it.

Sidney Samson - Riverside:




Friday, April 24, 2009

Day 113: Black Magic.

I knew blogging everyday for a year would be a challenge, how I haven't missed a day so far I don't know. But it's getting close. Here I sit semi getting ready to go out, scrambling for something to blog quickly, whilst still remain relevant.

You know I never let you down though... that's why I am introducing to you Black Magic. I don't even really know what it is... but it looks proper interesting, and I will certainly be having a look tomorrow in full. The blurb is as follows:

With the ability to quickly randomize and save out looped WAVs, the Black Magic machines make building a unique sample collection easy and quick. Even though Lite has fewer features than the big version, all of the important ones have been retained, so it is a fully functional synth in it’s own right. Upgrading to the big version will get a large collection of included samples, the ability to use your own and a hard compressor amongst other things.

Some of the main features:

  • 10 Samplers - each with many parameters and modulation options
  • 128 Preselected Samples
  • FX Section with SoundScaper, Delay, Flanger/Filter
  • 10 Part 32 step sequencer
  • Overview Mixer
  • Master Section
  • 1 Bar Recorder

Sounds mega right?




Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 112: Emmaboda festival

I love festivals, totally love em. Something magic about spending the weekend in a field with a bunch of other revellers with the sole intention of listening to great music, and enjoying some fine company, and a few drinks.

I also quite like the more interesting festivals. I've been to Glastonbury a few times, and had a great time, but it's all a bit of an effort now, and dare I say it, cliche.

I stumbled upon this festival recently "Emmaboda". I think it looks properly mega. First of all I love the website, and that secretly somehow tells me the festival is guaranteed to be WICKED. Plus it's in Sweden, I've always felt heavily drawn to Scandinavia, and loved it the times I have been there.

But For some reason this just looks like it will be something special. Looking on google at the landscapes, and they look breathtaking. That combined with the communal magic, and the fact its fairly remote can only intensify that heady 'lets let loose' feeling.

Not to mention the music. The line up is the perfect balance of big names (2Many DJs the Beetroots, AND Boys Noize, to name but a few) as well as a great looking selection of new (to me) artists giving the opportunity to pick up some new acts, while catching up on some faves.

Ok so I'm not proud of what I am about to do, but...

If you are reading this good friends at Emmaboda PLEASE LET ME PLAY AT YOUR LOVELY FESTIVAL!!!




Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 111: How to promote yourself on Myspace.

This is something I have been thinking about recently, and I was prompted to blog about it after seeing a post on Tom Cosm's excellent site.

I often wondered how effective is it really. I mean, I certainly know that what I do in the main is accept the 'friend' requests that seem to come in daily, and forget about it.

I update my tunes on there now and again when I have something worth upping. I do also check out the spaces of other artists after reading about them in a blog, or likewise. However I can't help feel that it's just one big circle jerk of self promoting. People spamming your page with links to their shit, and vice versa.

I would love to know the real percentage of people that see a flyer 15 posts down an artists wall and think 'Yeah I'm in Baltimore next week, I might check that out'.

Also how many people are randomly checking out Bang the DJ and thinking... this guy is cool... probably none. BUT at the same time, I like the weirdness of it, and keeping track of the artists that I do like (facebook has never done well in this area).

Also I am torn with the spazzy layouts. On one hand they are a nightmare to navigate, and my PCs fan audibly spins up when I open myspace. Yet at the same time it's become part of its punky charm, flashing fluro gifs and random internet shit.

So yeah... what IS myspace these days, it just seems like one big fat hairy contradiction. Useful, but useless, annoying, but 'edgy and fun'.





Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 110: Not getting anywhere.

I've realised recently, that, quite simply. I'm not getting anywhere.

So to remedy this, I think some bold measures are needed. I really need to readdress the game. So this week i will be revising the original "make it as a DJ" plan, and trimming the fat, kicking myself up the arse and actually taking action on a weekly basis.

I'll promise to get some proper tutorial up too, and just generally go to town.

I've only myself to blame, but these 10-11 hour working days are killing me!




Monday, April 20, 2009

Day 109: Good concept

The annoying thing with concept items, is that I always think they look amazing, but then you know they will almost certainly never see the light of day.

I remember as a kid watching Top Gear when they showed concept cars, and they were always so much more interesting than boring normal cars. I never understood why they never produced them. Suit wearing kill joys.

So yeah, here is some concept phone I saw on engadget. This would wee all over the music making capabilities of the iPhone from a great height. Sadly, never gonna see it are we. BLOODY SUITS!




Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 108: History of the Bassline.

Remember that awesome video about the Amen break a few years back? Well I just discovered there was a follow up, all about the Roland 303. As you know this is probably the most important piece of equipment in dance music history... interesting viewing.