Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 31: Count on it.

Yo bangers...

So here it is, the end of the first month. Things start getting complicated from here... mainly because now I can't just refer to the date to remember what Day number/post count it is.

Tomorrow I will post the monthly round up. Kinda guess I should have done it today, but have been rushed to get some stuff done. Most notably my January Minimix. Although not in the original plan, the idea of doing an off genre minimix seemed like a good idea. Each one will be in a style different to that which I normally play. This month is Nu Disco, oh yeah and an All Saints track (see if you can spot it).

I haven't had chance to listen though to it yet, but my OCD was insisting that I get done and on the blog while it's still technically January. This is short hand for, it might be a bit shoddy.

Trying to cram long songs into a mini mix is hard going. Anyways, make your own minds up here:

Bang the DJ January Minimix (Nu Disco)

Somewhere on this t-shirt is the word "Achiever" can you spot it?

I am open to suggestions for next months challenge track. I might make this a reoccurring theme, to plop in an unusual tune each minimix, seeing as they are all about experimenting and trying something different. Tho obviously there has to be limits, something that might at least feasibly work

I'm starting to worry about where all this pro-activity is coming from to be honest. I had better be careful or at this rate I might actually achieve something!

Goodbye January...



Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 30: Keep your eyes on the prize.

Joder tio, toda la semana trabajando como un perro. Bua. Como siempre, tengo ganas de pimplarme unas cervezas frias, y cantar en la calle y no recordar nada por la mañana.

Por eso esta noche me voy a mi bar favorito. Se llama Bierwinkle, y es un Bar rollo Aleman. Bien, lo que significa eso es que tienen un monton de cervezas... mas de cien.

un dia probaré todas, de verdad.

A crater yesterday.

El resto del finde... quien sabe. Posiblemente pincharé un poco, iré un rato en el centro, no lo se.

Quiero buscar por El Carmen un poco tambien, a ver como estan los agendas en las discos, y cogerme una lista de contactos. Pero por encima de todo... voy a dormir

Paz y Amor.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29: The most dangerous caves hide the best treasure

I've been working in my current job for 2 months now. I like the company a lot, and I am pretty lucky to have a job like this a. in the current financial climate, and b. as a foreigner (relaxed atmosphere decent paying jobs are a rarity here).

What I like about it the most, is what I dislike about it.

I am a techy at heart... and my current job sees me offering technical support to an Internet product. Cool. However they also want me to aggressively support customers, approach them offering ideas to improve the service for them, drive up their sales etc etc.

Now any self respecting techy will start to blister at the very mention of "proactive" "up sell" and "aggressive". Certainly I do.

I have always shied away from that sort of thing, I hate sales people, and never wanted to join their slimy ranks... this is still true.

Their troubles had only just begun, having crash landed on "Glitter Island"

So what's the deal. basically I have been forced to face something I always avoided cos I assumed I was no good at it "it wasn't for me". Now I'm not gonna suddenly tell you I am a natural blah blah blah... cos I'm not. It has however made me kinda realise that I can do many things if I actually put my mind to it, and that forcing myself out of my comfort zone always ends up being a positive experience, and therefore that I should do it a lot more.

In other news, here is a banging tune:

Dirty & Hard - Djedjotronic.mp3



Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28: La culpa no es mia.

Wednesdays, a bit rubbish. Did I mention that before? Well probably... it's a reoccurring theme. Roughly once a week.

Good thing about Wednesdays tho is that they lead to Thursdays (officially the start of the 'real' weekend).

As mentioned previously... I have been meddling with some nu disco vibes. Although it's a fair step away from the grinding bass lines that I usually favour, there is a sweet innocence in its retracted melodies.

The view from my brain right now.

I have been playing with some mixes, and what I like is how seamlessly they seem to fit each other. Which makes it sound quite boring, but part of the appeal of this style is its dreamy, almost ethereal nature.

This means you can hold some really excellent long mixes.

Rubbish for when it comes to an All Saints tainted mini mix tho.

That said I have had a tinker and it might just work. I need to EQ up the All Saints track tho because it sounds quite dull next to my 'bright' 320kbps mp3s.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27: It's at here...

Blah blah blah, daily waffle... today I did this, did that, etc etc etc.

Was today just another day? An anonymous drop in the collective ocean of mediocrity? How can a day be mediocre when you get to make such hilariously pretentious metaphors!

I shouldn't be so down on myself. I did e-mail a club (not responded) about putting on a night (remembering my own advice) which is sort of DJ stuff.
One interesting outcome of the day though was a challenge from Gale. Amazingly some fairly mundane IRC talk managed to eek out a nugget of interest. For reasons I forget now, Gale challenged me to include a track by All Saints in my next mix. Hurrm. Not only are they responsible for possible one of my least favorite tracks of all time (that cunting slow whiny one with the shitty one finger pseudo blues piano thing). They are obviously madly out of tempo range as well as just being shit.

Literally, all saints

Seeing tho as my next mix was to a be a cheeky little disco number, might not be completely impossible, and thankfully I have permission to Ableton it a bit, maybe chopping it up in to more techy related segments.

We'll see on that one... I think I know which track I will use ( I only know 2, and it's not gonna be 'that' one).

Shit thing is it does mean I will have to listen to them, like, in my valuable music listening time.

Cheers Gale.



Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 26: Washing up

As Mondays go, not a bad one. Ok no progress towards making it as a DJ. But hey Bang the DJ isn't just about the relentless pursuit of DJ fame (ok, actually that's exactly what it's about).

I have thought about DJing a bit... and have checked out some tunes today... a weak effort I know.

And this is vaguely DJ related(cheers Brian for the link):

I seem to have been hearing lots of Nu Disco recently too. I do like a bit of a Disco flavour... so might rustle up a little mini mix this week to amuse myself, and see what its like to spin that flavor.

Until then tho



Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25: I should get out more.

No seriously I should. The week is consumed almost entirely by work and sleep. And the little free time I do have, I seem to torture myself by wasting even more of it sat at the computer.

I should be hob-nobbing with the DJ elite. Forming musical bonds with those who share my passion, not to mention going to clubs and generally lording it up. I blame januaryitis... No money and shit weather a sociable month doth not make.

The beach yesterday.

Least one good thing is that I have managed to use this down time to reasonable effect. I have now got to the stage with Ableton where it is starting to confuse me. This means that I am trying to get complicated stuff done I guess, so in a perverse way indicates some progress!

The week ahead is going to be a long one, as payday sits at the far end of it. But at least its finally in sight, and maybe the storms will pass allowing for some outside/dance floor/sociable action.