Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 35: Why does the lift always smell of dog


Still chipping away at this months main mix track list. Ya gonna love it.

Whilst meddling with google, I found this site. Imagine my joy at finding a site such as this. I mean, this could save me loads of time and effort... right what nuggets does it have to offer?

Record a mix, OK. Promote myself, right. So that's more or less it. OK... well in the mean time here is a picture of an oriental girl wearing a dress made out of voting slips:

The Japanese - fucking great.

So I think my list was more comprehensive to be honest. Shockingly not got much feedback from the press release (I know, I thought it was a sure fire winner too!)

Definitely think they way forward is putting a night on... then people HAVE to listen.

Just a case of trying to find a club here that's not totally white shirted out.



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