Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 36: Bang the DJ eats electro for breakfast

Weird isn't it how perceptions can change.

Last night I was rinsing out some awesome mixes, and I thought I would dip in to some older tunes for prosperity's sake. What followed was me realising that I didn't really like any of these tunes, none of them more than a year old.

No I am a staunch opposer of musical snobbery and elitism (I defend ABBA fiercely, and like Gabber if proof were needed), though at the same time there is definitely something about the 'newness' of a tune that can change one's perception of it.

Men want to be him, women want to be with him...

I mean this is the same for many things, and everything has a cycle. I guess good music roughly follows this pattern: Exciting/popular/overplayed/replaced/rediscovered and that's just the natural order of things...

However in the case of last night, these are tunes that I got into on my own merit. I was rediscovering my passion for music, and these were filling my head with all sorts of exciting sounds. I remember it well, thinking I had discovered some secret sounds that no-one knew about.

What happened over the next following months I guess I can only describe as an accelerated version of my whole musical listening preference. Like one of those stop motion films of a plant growing from nothing to fully grown in 10 seconds.


I had taken a leave of absence from following music, so when I came back to it, I had to catch up quickly and get to where I am now.

What this made me wonder though was, is this the end of it, has the dust of my musical preference settled, or am I still a few genres to the left of my final resting place.

Ok so obviously this process never truly stops, just slows to an unnoticeable amble. What worries me though are the possible implications. Electronic music has always been criticised for be too "instant" no lasting legacy. This I argued was the whole point. Dance music was about now, however what concerns me is that today's culture isn't even giving 'now' a chance. The focus is always on 'what next'.

It will be interesting to see how long this can last before imploding. Could be a good thing if you ask me, cause people to rethink their choices, maybe push them to (heaven forbid) make their own mind up.

We'll see.



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