Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 65: Early doors.

Despite a fiesta Mexicana last night, no rest for the wicked. With the Fridge full of undrunk ice cold ones, and a devil may care attitude, I'm off to visit The Sandwich maker and his good lady.

Gonna take a pen drive down with some synths on it. You never know what might come out of it.

I spect the Carrefour own brand beer will kick in first though to be honest.





Friday, March 6, 2009

Day 64: Más besitos mejor.

Again, time (and the need for a beer betrays my ability to post properly. If it wasn't for the hardcore coding I did today, I might be more inclined to include some kick ass links to tunes. But my OCD determines that each one I do must be included with an in line flash media player etc yadda yadda.

Maybe a cool video then... that's not too much to ask, and it's only really a cut and paste away. Oh go one then.

Here's some Don Rimini for you (Really am loving his work):

Oh ok... one more, how about some Audio Bullys:

Have a great weekend (though see you back here tomorrow obviously!)




Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 63: It'l be alright.

I was mad hoping to dazzle you all with a some sounds from a great new über VST synth I found. But a late finish at the 9-5 (well 9-8.20 really) and having to pre-cook a chilli for some friends coming over tomorrow night means that time has eluded me.

I'm hoping it snows tonight so I can't make the day job... that way I can make up for it.




Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Day 62: Don't talk to me like that


Time for action. A lot of the basic prep is finally done, tho still oodles and oodles more to do. However I think it's time to leave the warm comfort of the internet, and brave the big bad world.

I'm putting the initial feelers out about putting on a club night. This is something I've done once or twice before, but never too seriously. However here in Spain, not so sure how it works. I've heard various different reports, and it seems a bit different to how I am used to (in terms of organisation, financials etc).

I have composed my master email, and will fire that out to some select, local venues and see what I get back. Barcelona is full of decent Electro/Rave nights, Valencia has none... this is either a great opportunity, or a lost cause. The fun part will be finding out!




Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 61: 2,4,6,8

After yesterdays epic post, I knew a few things would slip through the net. That's fine though as the over hang is good for me to write about today.

One thing I wanted to elaborate on was the DnB minimix. I briefly touched on this when I posted it. I wanted to comment on how much I truly enjoyed mixing drum and bass. Initially it seemed quite hard, after all, at that speed, any error is going to go catastrophic, very quickly.

Once you adjust to the intensity of it though, it's actually amazing fun, and quite easy to work with. Unlike other genres DnB seems to be very well punctuated with phrases (8 bars of 4 beats). This makes for some great sounding mixes if you make sure your phrases are on, because as bits drop in on one tune they drop out of the other, meaning you can keep some furious pace going, while layering the intensity. It really is great.

Can you spot the metaphor?

While this is also true for most dance music I think DnB's furious, yet stripped down style (ie largely being only Drums and a Bassline, I know, can you believe it) means less of the mid-range melodies getting in the way of each other.

It's definitely a genre I might well keep a hand in, especially as it's probably one of the genres I have been in to for the longest amount of time (the rest keep dying off, g'ah).




Monday, March 2, 2009

Day 60: A great monday post.

OK, Cherish this as it might be the only one ever... but an actual interesting Monday post.

My desire to pursue the Bang the DJ project is probably at an all time high. I think about it nearly all the time. And I mean really think about it. What can I do next is always on my mind...

The whole point of this was to see what can be done when you really want to. The freaky shit is, that it works. Insignificant as it maybe already I have made 2 great full length mixes, and two mini mixes, and started on a remix. None of this would have happened.

That's fairly minor I admit, but the point being is its not really, when I compare it with doing nothing.. which is what would have happened if I hadn't decided to do this. Having a solid goal truly rocks. I really can feel myself gravitating towards it, even if it's small things, but it just seems like something cool is happening more and more often.

Last night I featured on Showland FM. A web radio station run by a good friend of mine. What's that? This is a scoring event I hear you say. True it is. If you look at the scores, it's technically a 5 pointer. However, in the interest of fairness, this is fairly a humble set up, and a contact through a mate. However it IS exposure, and people do listen, so I am awarding myself ONE point. Fair enough I reckon.

Right, now the cool stuff. (I know... you mean that wasn't it already!!). I could have saved all these goodies up and spread them over the week... but that's not the kinda guy I am. I like to splurge it all in one go (read in to that what you will).

First up check this awesome tour promo video from Don Rimini. I love his tunes, and he's a great DJ too, a style I really enjoy.

Endless Tour For Endless Party .

This also inspires me to push on, as I would love to be able to make my own video like that ticking off that many places!

Next up is a follow up video or rather video Flyer I am told, for 8-Bit Ravers Meneo.


That's some more crazy shit right there huh?

Next is something a little different, those who already check out the brilliant RCRDLBL might have heard this already... It's Icelandic Indie band Mammú, and I think this song is amazing. Very fresh, pure, and sexy. In many ways reminds me of a lot of the good alternative stuff from the early nineties, early Sonic Youth etc.

RCRDLBL Page (And tune for free download)


And all this on a Monday, before I even did the three fairly important things I was going to do tonight anyway...

Maybe after dinner, we'll see. For now though...

Peace && love.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 60: Champion Remix Part 1

This is the first part looking at the work in progress of the Champion Sound remix I am experimenting with.

Rather than make it all wordy, and heavyweight, I'll summarise as briefly as I can, and then add the audio, which will speak for itself.

First off, I decided that I wanted to try and keep the essence of the tune, but rather than re-form it in it's original genre (90s Drum & Bass), I wanted to transfer it over to a more modern, playable style (4x4 Tech/House).

Next I decided I would nab sections of the original audio that signature the song if you like, without lifting whole phrases.

Once I had picked out a few of these, I dropped some of the lead sounds in to Ableton's excellent "Impulse" same for some of the bass sounds.

Next I added a simple 4/4 beat and snare which keeps it in a more house style, but the snare gives more than a passing nod to it's breakbeat origins.

Ok, next was to chuck the lead sounds in to some form of arrangement, so I created a simple 2 bar stab loop with the sounds I took from the original.

Playing all the parts together, and it starts to sound more like a song. Tho only one phrase of a song.

To make it a little bit more interesting, I chuck in some Chorus and compression, I also make a duplicate of the lead section.

This is where I had some fun, with the copy of the lead, I chucked it through a rather excellent Glitch synth I have, and played around with that for a while to get some crunchy effects going on.

Then to make it more interesting I hacked up the lead section, over layered it on itself and generally tried to make it less on beat and repetitive.

Finally, for demonstration purposes I sequenced it out in to simple phrases, and added a little bit of filter here and there. The drums are very boring, they are a whole session in themselves to work on. Also there is no chorus section, breakdown, or vocal. Remember this is part one. And I have only really sequenced it out to give a feel for what it might sound like.

Also I think it could benefit from some more hi end, and a more wobbly bass line. But for now, here you go:

Champion Sound remix Stage 1: