Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 31: Count on it.

Yo bangers...

So here it is, the end of the first month. Things start getting complicated from here... mainly because now I can't just refer to the date to remember what Day number/post count it is.

Tomorrow I will post the monthly round up. Kinda guess I should have done it today, but have been rushed to get some stuff done. Most notably my January Minimix. Although not in the original plan, the idea of doing an off genre minimix seemed like a good idea. Each one will be in a style different to that which I normally play. This month is Nu Disco, oh yeah and an All Saints track (see if you can spot it).

I haven't had chance to listen though to it yet, but my OCD was insisting that I get done and on the blog while it's still technically January. This is short hand for, it might be a bit shoddy.

Trying to cram long songs into a mini mix is hard going. Anyways, make your own minds up here:

Bang the DJ January Minimix (Nu Disco)

Somewhere on this t-shirt is the word "Achiever" can you spot it?

I am open to suggestions for next months challenge track. I might make this a reoccurring theme, to plop in an unusual tune each minimix, seeing as they are all about experimenting and trying something different. Tho obviously there has to be limits, something that might at least feasibly work

I'm starting to worry about where all this pro-activity is coming from to be honest. I had better be careful or at this rate I might actually achieve something!

Goodbye January...



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  1. See if you can sneak the theme from Fraggle Rock into a mix.

    Then I might be pursuaded to actually download it and have a listen :)

    Loved your halloween mix though (which happened to be the last mix that I actually both downloaded and then listened to...)


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