Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day ONE HUNDRED: Anniversary Special.

Hey, so here we are, 100 days in. Wow, seems like yesterday I took those first tentative blogging steps. 100 shekels of wisdom hath been gifted to you in these very pages, and today's post is a round up of some of the progress points.

Basically a bit like all those "Top 100 ... ever" shows on Channel 4, I am basically dumping all the download goodies here in one uber post for you all.

To start of let's have the mixes:

January - Phase One

Jan Minimix (Nu Disco)

Febuary - Phase Two

Feb Minimix (DnB)

March - Phase Three

Mar Minimix (Breaks)

Then there are the tracks, in order of making them to show the (I have to say ) clear development, from awful to ok.

Break Bomb (Abandoned)

Let me Show You (Bang the DJ Remix)

Cut Loose

AC Slater - Hello (Bang the DJ Remix)

And last but not least... the Epic music video I made for Cut Loose:

There are canapes at my gaff and sausages on sticks to mark the occasion. It's number 3 and 2 Bang Street, Spains.

Bring a bottle...




Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 99: Hello!

As we reach the turn of the century ( in blog post terms that is) it's starting to dawn on me the magnitude of everything I've taken on.

The deeper I delve in to the 'scene' the more brilliant talent, resources, and music I discover. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's good because there is plenty of inspiration, plenty of free/cheap etc resources for learning and making music, however on the flip side, competition for recognition is fierce, and the bar is set incredibly high.

Of course really, all of this is a good thing. No one wants to win by beating easy competition.

This week I have been listening to some really great mixes, a bit grizzlier than some of the more ravey stuff I've been on to, and I like that. Makes it less hands in the air, but a bit more feet on the floor too.

I've been working on a new remix too, this time for a competition from Nightshifters. I thought I'd have ago, even if it's just another track to stick on my myspace etc. I still need to do some finishing detail, but can check out the dark nasty beast right here:

AC Slater - Hello (Bang the DJ rmx):




Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 98: Mad Decent of you...

The genre shunning party heads at Mad Decent have given away a whole album for free on their blog today. This is why these guys rule. Not only do they have a 'yeah that sounds cool' approach to music without thinking about what's hot, or what will make money, they also back up that rep nicely with excellent freebies like this.

The album is by Toy Selectah, and even though I've not listened to much of it yet, what I like about it is (and about Mad Decent in general) is how it reminds me that there is so much good music out there in all sorts of flavours. It's not all about 4/4 Grizzly bassline bangers (though who DOESN'T love a 4/4 grizzly bassline banger let's be honest.).

From what I've heard already though it's got 'Summer BBQ' written all over it.

So yeah, here you go... and enjoy:




Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 97: DIM MAK T.V.

L.A. Electro sluts DIM MAK impress once again with their new addition - DIM MAK T.V.

You gotta check out this RAD presenter that is an intern over from Japan. He's so cool, I totally resurrected early 90's skate superlative 'RAD' just for the occasion.

Less Parky, more Yoshio, that's what I say.




Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Day 96: Nice one Alex

As I sit here craned over my work laptop at 10pm, I see in my RSS feed the following article. It seemed too deeply appropriate not to post it.



Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 95: Hardware Porn

That's HardWARE by the way, nothing funky going on here. Just s short video clips highlighting some of the new DJ kit and controllers that are being demo'd at this years Musikmesse.

Some nifty looking kit, however the problem is, unless you make it as a market leader (like 1210s or CDJ1000s it makes it hard for this stuff to make it any further than hardware freaks toy, or bedroom DJ.

As no DJ wants to roll up and find some spanky looking controller, that needs tunes on a Compact Flash card do they.




Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 94: Back to the Bang

Bang the DJ... remember him? There was a time when this blog was just about him, before it started taking itself all seriously, and having actual 'content'.

Right, so a little update. The CDs are back from the printers, and, I have to say... they are looking pretty smart. I managed to get em done on blanks, which means I can whack what I like on em as and when I need to.

Already copied a few up, and given out a couple to peeps that know some people in local clubs. I'll get on the mail out serious this week, probably over the Easter weekend.

In other news I have something else possibly coming up on the cards too. One of the original plans has always been to put a night on, and this could be becoming a reality, though I will wait until I know more about that for sure.

The more I do on the self promotion side, the more I realise there is to do, seemingly never ending.

One thing I decided might be cool/useful is to make videos to accompany the tracks I am working on. Sticking these up on youtube may serve to bring more people in to the blog, or check the mixes, you never know. Over all just completes a more rounded on-line exposure.

So without further a do... here we are, the first ever Bang the DJ music video: