Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 34: Full steam ahead.

As we hurtle forward deep in to February (it's a short month after all) there is no time for hanging about.

I am already collating tunes for this months mix, which will be shorter, yet a more upfront affair.

On the tube today I had another idea to add to the mix catalogue, which is the biannual UBER mix. This will take the format of a monster, genre smashing ear drum collapsing mix of epic proportions. the length is yet undetermined, but this is to be a constant work in process over the first 6 (well 5 now) months.

This will be an Ableton mix, the idea being that I can really chip away at it. Sculpt it lovingly over time to try and produce something of truly insane genius.

In fact am gonna have a cheeky wee mix up right now.

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