Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 38: And the point is?


Today is a good day, Saturdays are generally good days I give you that much, but today more so than normal. OK, so I didn't get to go see the Bloody Beetroots, and my pay cheque has dwindled to nothing already... not particularly good so far I hear you sense.

True, but today does mark a mini milestone with the BTDJ project. Some of my incessant mailing seems to have paid off, and I am now proud to say I am on the Dim Mak records promo list.

The Bee Gees macked it out with their new look.

Anyone who has ever dabbled with DJing for even a second knows that being on promo lists is one of the most coveted prizes. In short, free tunes, direct from the label, generally before everyone else.

This is great on so many levels... not least cos Dim Mak are one of my favorite labels anyway (Recording home to the said Beetroots no less), it also symbolically marks my first step in to DJ cred.

Yes I am scandalously awarding myself 1 point. One bang out of the needed 365.

Cracking little tune on the first promo too... certainly gonna feature in this months Phase 2 mix.




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