Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9: Square eyes.

Man do my eyes hurt. Not only am I working like a dog all day staring at not one, but two monitors... when I come home, what do you think the first thing I do is... only myself to blame I guess.

But How can I NOT play with my new midi controller. It's impossible. It has reminded me however how frustrating this whole thing is (production). I had a dabble a few years back when Cubase and Logic were the boys, none of this Ableton nonsense. It annoyed the shit out of me then, so I don't know why I thought it might be any different this time! OK, so it is a bit better, but SOOOOO much to learn.

New respect for all producers that much is true.

Image is non related, I image searched for "sex bass" as I had been having a bit of a wobble on Native Instruments' excellent Massive.

I can see this will definitely get more fun as I get in to it more for sure. In the mean time here are the fruits of my measly labour:

wobble wobble wobble

In the meantime I am off to stare at another screen on the sofa for a bit.



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