Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Day 6: Face the Music...

Ok, so 6 days in to a blog about making it as a DJ, it's about time we had some music.

This mix is a bit indulgent, as it's kind of a culmination of some killer tunes I have been itching to play, plus some 'bigguns' from 08, in an end of year annual stylee.

However, what it does do nicely is give you a fairly good idea of the sound that I am playing with at the moment.

Bass heavy is how I am feeling it, and I do LOVE a bit of old skool rave influence (nods knowingly at Hostage).

I have been trying to get in to Dub Step for a while now, but haven't quite made the cross over yet... it's mad popular in my home town, maybe I'll start getting it just as it burns out due to commercialisation or other such predictable ending.

Anyways, I digress... here you go "Phase 1" or the Bang the DJ series (that's month1 to you and me).

Bang the DJ - Phase 1 mix

Feel free to flame, criticise, request tune IDs etc by commenting below:



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