Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8: Thrills and Bellyaches

Yo Bangers...

Today wasn't the best day ever. Got up went to work, that was all fine, but then half way through the day I took a funny turn, and had to come home. I spent the after noon face down on the Sofa.

A few cups of tea later and am feeling closer to normal... gotta find time to update the bang haven't I!

Obviously as you can imagine not loads of progress toward DJ super stardom today... but surprisingly not a total write off.

While idly browsing the days offerings from the blogs etc I came across an interesting article... but what was more interesting was the web-page the article came from.
What is even more remarkable is how I never knew about these guys earlier. The rave in question is Bang Face. Judging by their site they are a bunch of mad heads, who live for the Rave. My kind of people. The reason why I say I am surprised not to have heard of them before, is that I consider myself a true blood raver. From 94 onwards I could be found in warehouses across the nation. I loved Gabba, Drum and Bass and Rave... EXACTLY what these guys do.

Man they have me watering at the mouth with their weekender.

So I fired em off an email pimping my wares, which is the first people I have sent anything to, FINGERS CROSSED, and PS if you are reading this BangFacers... let me know and I will fire you off a hard edge set that will make you wet your pants.

So not entirely a wasted day. Also did a bit of myspacing, adding various cool dudes, adding a few links etc.

What am I on about, this is probably the most productive I've been so far!



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