Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7: A self-evident and necessary truth

Well that's what Google tells me "Axiom" Means, and I saw it as a fitting title for the post considering Axiom 25 MIDI controller arrived today!!! WOOO... etc. Isn't she pretty:

Part of my cunning plan, which I admit I *still* haven't outlined in this blog was that, to make it as a DJ, you need to produce music. Not only is production an excellent way to get your name about, it also obviously hones your skills as a DJ, giving you a better understanding of the music you are playing.

Not only that, having exclusive tunes is obviously cool, and also serves as good bargaining chips with other DJs etc.

Most of all obviously is the pleasure of making music.

Annoyingly as I have been on a computer all day at work, I am torn between my boyish desire to rinse this bad boy out, and a strong desire to just mong out. I've had a bit of a tinker to quench the thirst... and I needed to blog it obviously.

Think I'll leave it at that for now, and spend tomorrow reading the manual in work :D



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