Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 4: I should probably start already!

Ok, it's all my fault, I basically haven't faced up to the fact its the new year yet. I've been lounging and pissing it up since NYE and therefore getting nothing of any note done.

I have decided that what I need to do is come up with some sort of scoring system. A means of tracking progress if nothing else. This will all be worth nothing if I kinda float along, then play a few gigs maybe, then declare the whole thing a success/failure. I need cold hard numbers, binaries, graphs etc. Irrefutable evidence of the outcome either way.

I have therefore decided upon a scoring scale. Seeing as part of this project is focused on doing it in one year, I thought a scale of 365 would be appropriate. Obviously the scale is fairly arbitrary, as long as the weight of the scoring system is set correctly. By that I mean a target score of 365 is no good if I give myself 1 point for playing a Space Ibiza headline set, and 200 points for writing a blog post.

So yes, my target score is 365. However the scoring system (what points I will earn for various things) needs full non Sunday consideration. I promise to grace this with a full featured, non rushed, non hang over post tomorrow. Where it will be safe to say we can really get going.



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