Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10: Teach me something I don't know

Today has been a bit of an unexpected trip down memory lane as it goes. As mentioned yesterday I have been fiddling with midi in all it's 'works out the box' charm =/

This very much brought back strong sense of deja vu, as I sat there working out how to assign nobs and things. Then an hour or two of aimlessly clicking things, compulsively working my way through EVERY sound on FM8 and twisting dials at random.

Shoes: the new political activists weapon of choice.

Tho in my defense I did at one point even look at the manual...! That almost never happens. I am however proud to say I followed a few youtube tutorials for wonking out some cool bass, and I do genuinely feel like I made some (albeit minor) progress.

Me mate Luke is coming over tomorrow for a bit of a bass off, so that promises to be good. I might even record and post our efforts here just for a laugh. Anyways ok so its slow progress, but progress none the less, and that's what it is all about.

Look forward to tomorrows post, where I hope to have a bit of a spill about what this is all really about, and how I am planning to go about it. I could have done that on day one proper, but it might have got lost amongst the other hilarious and insightful banter...

until tomorrow



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