Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27: It's at here...

Blah blah blah, daily waffle... today I did this, did that, etc etc etc.

Was today just another day? An anonymous drop in the collective ocean of mediocrity? How can a day be mediocre when you get to make such hilariously pretentious metaphors!

I shouldn't be so down on myself. I did e-mail a club (not responded) about putting on a night (remembering my own advice) which is sort of DJ stuff.
One interesting outcome of the day though was a challenge from Gale. Amazingly some fairly mundane IRC talk managed to eek out a nugget of interest. For reasons I forget now, Gale challenged me to include a track by All Saints in my next mix. Hurrm. Not only are they responsible for possible one of my least favorite tracks of all time (that cunting slow whiny one with the shitty one finger pseudo blues piano thing). They are obviously madly out of tempo range as well as just being shit.

Literally, all saints

Seeing tho as my next mix was to a be a cheeky little disco number, might not be completely impossible, and thankfully I have permission to Ableton it a bit, maybe chopping it up in to more techy related segments.

We'll see on that one... I think I know which track I will use ( I only know 2, and it's not gonna be 'that' one).

Shit thing is it does mean I will have to listen to them, like, in my valuable music listening time.

Cheers Gale.



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