Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 28: La culpa no es mia.

Wednesdays, a bit rubbish. Did I mention that before? Well probably... it's a reoccurring theme. Roughly once a week.

Good thing about Wednesdays tho is that they lead to Thursdays (officially the start of the 'real' weekend).

As mentioned previously... I have been meddling with some nu disco vibes. Although it's a fair step away from the grinding bass lines that I usually favour, there is a sweet innocence in its retracted melodies.

The view from my brain right now.

I have been playing with some mixes, and what I like is how seamlessly they seem to fit each other. Which makes it sound quite boring, but part of the appeal of this style is its dreamy, almost ethereal nature.

This means you can hold some really excellent long mixes.

Rubbish for when it comes to an All Saints tainted mini mix tho.

That said I have had a tinker and it might just work. I need to EQ up the All Saints track tho because it sounds quite dull next to my 'bright' 320kbps mp3s.

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