Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25: I should get out more.

No seriously I should. The week is consumed almost entirely by work and sleep. And the little free time I do have, I seem to torture myself by wasting even more of it sat at the computer.

I should be hob-nobbing with the DJ elite. Forming musical bonds with those who share my passion, not to mention going to clubs and generally lording it up. I blame januaryitis... No money and shit weather a sociable month doth not make.

The beach yesterday.

Least one good thing is that I have managed to use this down time to reasonable effect. I have now got to the stage with Ableton where it is starting to confuse me. This means that I am trying to get complicated stuff done I guess, so in a perverse way indicates some progress!

The week ahead is going to be a long one, as payday sits at the far end of it. But at least its finally in sight, and maybe the storms will pass allowing for some outside/dance floor/sociable action.



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