Thursday, January 29, 2009

Day 29: The most dangerous caves hide the best treasure

I've been working in my current job for 2 months now. I like the company a lot, and I am pretty lucky to have a job like this a. in the current financial climate, and b. as a foreigner (relaxed atmosphere decent paying jobs are a rarity here).

What I like about it the most, is what I dislike about it.

I am a techy at heart... and my current job sees me offering technical support to an Internet product. Cool. However they also want me to aggressively support customers, approach them offering ideas to improve the service for them, drive up their sales etc etc.

Now any self respecting techy will start to blister at the very mention of "proactive" "up sell" and "aggressive". Certainly I do.

I have always shied away from that sort of thing, I hate sales people, and never wanted to join their slimy ranks... this is still true.

Their troubles had only just begun, having crash landed on "Glitter Island"

So what's the deal. basically I have been forced to face something I always avoided cos I assumed I was no good at it "it wasn't for me". Now I'm not gonna suddenly tell you I am a natural blah blah blah... cos I'm not. It has however made me kinda realise that I can do many things if I actually put my mind to it, and that forcing myself out of my comfort zone always ends up being a positive experience, and therefore that I should do it a lot more.

In other news, here is a banging tune:

Dirty & Hard - Djedjotronic.mp3



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