Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24: Wizardry

My eyes are stinging from all the Abletoning I have done today. The shitty windy weather (that was blowing the mad heavy chairs around outside) was a good enough excuse to indulge in some hard core tune making.

Well I say making... I really mean fucking around. I got my hands on some awesome stabs... not going to say much more at this point, but I nearly exploded when I heard them.

My midi controller was giving me some jip tho, took me hours to work out what was going on. Then magically just started working, almost as if to spite me.

I'll be an Ableton Ninja before you know it.

I even managed to have a sly mix, I mean this was meant to be about DJing after all.

So the bad weather was to my gain. Despite again having a hangover. I probably shouldn't get used to working like this.



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