Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 220: Hard Fest Cancelled before mid-night fiasco

Ok, so I've been to a fair few raves in my time, and seen some pretty mad shit go down, that's just how these things roll, and most of the time the Security/police manage to deal with it to minimal disruption.

This includes fairly serious stuff too, like ass holes letting off CS gas, brawls and obviously a catalog of drug casualties, sometimes fatal.

How then, 15 years on from all of that, can Hard Fest's big summer Rave in L.A. last night, with all the high production levels, and new skool more aware ravers get cancelled barely hours into the event, leaving many stuck inside for long periods, people outside trying to get in, riot police, and all sorts of general chaos.

The video below (watch from 2:10) shows kids bailing off of the top tier down to the main 'pit'. It's hard to tell, but I am assuming those with top tier tickets were forced to spend the rave 'seated' which as you can imagine at a rave isn't really too much fun, and therefore started eloping over the side down into the main hall, this obviously being pretty fucking stupid when you see how full it is.

All this combined probably with an over panicky L.A./Inglewood police department (and, let's face it, the U.S. police force not noted for it's calm and considered approach see this video).

Even though it's the other side of the world from me, nothing makes me more disappointed and angry that this sort of clumsy handling of a small group of idiots, ultimately getting a whole rave shut down.

All this info is based on the tweets and videos on you tube, if anyone has any more solid info then I would be interested to know what went down.




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