Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Day 223: The only Social Network a Musician needs?

A while back I posted about Social Networks and how it was all getting a bit silly. The vast number out there, with their increasing complexity or specialism, made the whole thing seem daunting.

It seemed like the whole thing had been done to death. No one was actually using them for networking socially... the whole time was just spent signing up for the next one, adding all your friends, then realising that wasn't the place to be anymore, repeat.

That and obviously continually checking them through out the day, the F5 culture.

Well... no don't worry, I'm not going to announce the newest network, however it is a site that might solve some of the problems mentioned above.

I recently came across the rather clinically title 'Artist Data' site. In their own words:



Well there you go, about sums it up doesn't it. However, if it's still not clear, effectively I think they are offering a social network aggregation solution, at least outbound (ie the stuff you post). I've not had chance to play with it properly yet, but I think the basic idea is that instead of logging in to your imeem/myspace/facebook/bebo/twitter etc to pimp your new track on Beatport etc, you can just do it from here, et voila, done.

I'm sure there are a bunch of other features too. I'll be giving it a proper workout over the next few weeks, and may well report back my findings, in the mean time take a look and see what you think.




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