Saturday, August 8, 2009

Day 219: A reminder from the 90s.

Earlier today my friend matt advised me of an album currently being advertised in the UK called "Big tunes Back 2 the 90s" knowing it would ignite my senses.

Don't get me wrong, for me the 90s is the most musically significant decade ever. These were very much my formative years, and, I personally believe they were the last decade that was actually defined by it's musical revolutions (Rave/House, Grunge, Indie and Brit pop).

Today access to music is so much easier, and because of that (and the internet) musical revolutions are much harder to form, everything gets over exposed the minute it starts to develop, leaving a catalog of half formed music scenes that live and die within a summer.

However... it's not all sunshine and happiness. Being into rave in the early 90s meant constantly having to distance myself from all that bland 4/4 chart dance shite. For example people always used to say "You're not into that 'techno techno techno techno' bollox are you?" (mimicking the 2 Unlimited tune).

This happened more often than I care to mention, and therefore I formed a steely hatred of this particular chart dance, which was for many years the bane of my life.

These days however I can look back on it with fond amusement. Listening to this CD it's clear how bad it actually was. 'Wiggle wiggle' anyone? All of the tunes have the same formulaic sound, dull wimpy kick drums, repetitive cheesy stab, and some pointless vocal (Do you really have the key AND the secret???).

Soooo... yes, the 90s, a polar decade. Some amazing genre defining music, but also some madly cringeable stuff. The sad thing is though, it still seems a bit more fun and naive than the very serious, coldly calculated and prepared pop of today, so maybe not that bad after all.




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