Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 221: Bassnectar - Punk DJs I've newly discovered #1

I love discovering new music, and new DJs. It's easily one of my favorite things. I have a 60gb iPod, but, to be honest I only ever use it to listen to new stuff I downloaded. Of which, there is always a massive backlog I might add.

Discovering exciting new music I find surprisingly difficult. In this modern information age it's simply a matter of numbers. Weirdly, because I can literally find out about any old garage band from Idaho, in milliseconds, and devour their entire back catalog on youtube, this means there is just too much music to wade through in any organised manor.

This poses a weird problem, which is both good and bad. More choice is always good, but sifting through it is infinitely harder. The internet has tried to simplify this by creating things like Last FM and Pandora. However with things like this, I find the recommendations are far too incremental. To close to the thing they are basing a recommendation on.

This may work fine for bands, but not really for DJ/Producers. If I like Fake Blood, chances are I have heard of MSTRKRFT, or, if not, I have heard a load of the tunes they play already etc.

So it really is a mine field. Every now and again though, an interesting recommendation comes from the least suspecting place which is far enough away to not already be in your musical microcosm, yet close enough to interest and excite you.

Enter Bassnectar. Randomly over the weekend I caught a tweet from Diplo mentioning Bassnectar, so I scooted off to youtube to see what he was about. Really good things is the answer.

Not really sure how to describe it, but if I have to use words then kinda mash up, cross genre, DIY punky madness is a good starting point.

It sounds like he chops up tunes he likes, adds chunky hip hop beats, then goes into some dub step, before melting back out into some other organised chaos. Brilliant. The DJing style is very broken, yet fluid at the same time, I like that. Not too preoccupied about going left to right from track to track etc, a lot of it on the fly, or using new mash-ups straight from the laptop.

Definitely a bit of an American 90s vibe here, combined with new ideas and modern technology. It's like an audio version of something that was on late night drug infused MTV weirdness. But better than that sounds.

Sooooo here are two clips, both actually involving Beatles tracks, but I just happened to like them. Also a DJ swigging booze and chatting to the crowd is definitely on a different tip to many of the 'super cool' crew!

I present you Bassnectar:




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