Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 225: iPod DJ Application - Here it is!

Month by month we have been waiting for a full feature, high quality DJ application for the iPhone.

Many have mentioned various things in the pipeline, somethings have come close, but always a full solution has eluded us. Could this finally be the answer?

Well, ok sorry, this one isn't ready yet either, but it's tantalizingly close, and it looks like they really have put some effort into this one.

I'd love to see a full working version of this, and get a chance to go over the spec (features etc). Good to see some creative use of the multi touch interface too with pinching in (and I assume out) to change the pitch of the tracks.

P.S. There will be a break in regular service on the blog whilst I rave it up this weekend at Creamfields Andalucia, but fear not, as I will make daily DJ reports for each day for some field report action upon my return.





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