Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 45: Life's an experience

That's all that it is.

Today has largely been a waste to be honest. As has been the case for nearly every Saturday this year so far. Damned booze.

Tho remember this is me we are talking about... so when I say complete waste, what I actually mean is "most productive day ever". Well ok not really... but I did write a song.

Alan over-reacted at not getting a refund.

Wait, huh, wtf...

Yeah you heard me baby. Before you get excited... this was just me fucking around on Ableton with an Amen break (possibly the most famous drumbeat of all time) and some Rave stabs I downloaded from the computernet.

I listened to the rendering and its horribly in need of remastering, but I couldn't be fucked to export it all again.

Anyway, just for fun here you go:

Bang the DJ - Break Bomb




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