Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 41: The goose drank wine.

You may have noticed that the bangs are coming a bit earlier this week. This could appear like some spurt of drive and efficiency on my part, where as in reality I have just realised its better to use my lunch break (when I am at work anyway) than the evening (ie my free time).

Not sure how long this will continue for though, as sad to say, I do tend to be able to think of more shit to write in the evenings.

So high she shat in your mash...

Now that I can finally think past the fog (see yesterdays post), there is a very strong urge to get some BTDJ related stuff done this week. It's true that one benefit of writing this now, is that I can actually dedicate some time in the evening to DJing or production.

The priority this week is to get the Phase 2 mix out, so I will finish the track list tonight I think, then have a stab at recording it tomorrow.

After that I will get it down on to CD, and start firing them out.

If I can keep the momentum up then I should even try and get some production done this weekend. Had a few ideas floating round and want to get them done.

To be honest the motivation to get this going is at an all time high... I have just totally realised I just wanna do what I wanna do, no what someone else wants me to do, even if that's something not uninteresting.




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