Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 40: Mentally graped

I really have noticed how much a night on the sauce can take it out of me.
Not just physically, but creatively too. It's mid afternoon Monday, at least 36 hours after the event, including two sleeps and a siesta, and still my capacity to think seems madly impaired.

This will slowly fade over the week... until a creative high on Friday, the irony of which is this same high is what also can be described as 'that Friday feeling', the one that makes you feel like you deserve a tipple.

A nice hot cup of 'Shut the fuck up'.

What's happening to me... this isn't the party harder characteristics I so
fondly remember. Hmmm I must be out of "party shape". Well that can only
mean one thing. Time I got back into party shape. Practice practice practice, it's the only way.

Think positive.
Think positive.
Think positive.




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