Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 43: Say it like you mean it.

G'ah, I am still chipping away at this mix. Being the next big thing carries with it a certain level of responsibility I guess. You can't just knock up any old shit and expect it to fly.

I just hope you lot are grateful for the hours I put in. Some serious man hours going in to this project. Would seem an awful tragedy for that to all be in vein.

Not to mention the 365 hilarious, witty and charming posts that you will get to read along the way.

Check the wall someone painted on this guy.

New artist of the moment for me is Miles Dyson. Sometimes my head is so firmly stuck in the blogs and RSS feeds that steal my life, actually finding new artists from beyond those limits seems a novelty.

What I like from this guy is that each track seems distinct, yet with a definite thumbprint on it. Worth a peek.

Tomorrow = Weekend. Thank cunty fuck for that.




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