Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 46: Charley got dominated.

Yo phreaks.

Ok somewhat predictably I didn't work on my mix, however all is not lost. I meddled some more with Ableton, and found a new sweet synth. I love brash punchy ravey sounds... they pave the path to enlightenment. So imagine my joy when tinkering with this synth, and I discover this beaut:

Also, does this sound familiar?

To be honest that alone made my weekend. Can't wait to have a serious wrangle with this beast. Seems to have a wealth of warm analogy giant sounds.

Just add babyoil.

Might have a wee gig at a house party next weekend, not sure yet. If nothing else will be good chance to fuck about in a semi live environment, without having to worry too much.




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