Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 20: WE B MP3


After yesterdays unprecedented mid-week flurry of pro activity, I though I would try and keep the momentum going. I was going to write a full press release and start firing it out, but then I decided I wanted to dedicate a proper afternoon to that, so tonight was all about the quick fix.

An easy way of getting my mix out I decided would be to upload it to The Mixing Bowl, which if you don't know, is easily the best place for DJ sets online.

Bang the DJ's mix, so hot it melts away clothes.

Also, I am lucky enough to be affiliated with datatransmission and have updated my profile on there with my BTDJ credentials. I am long overdue contributing some articles to them, and it's a great contact to have so, definitely something to keep in mind.

5 People leeching my mix already... not bad.



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