Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 18: Pretty it up

Sunday... bloody Sunday.

Despite breaking my (short lived) abstinence from alcohol, surprisingly I have managed to get some shit done. You will remember I was looking forward to Jo and Luke's visit yesterday. Well it was great, not only a lovely evening, but we actually managed to have a bit of a Jam on Ableton.

To be honest I am quite excited about the possibilities. Last time I tried making music, it was madly complicated, very counter intuitive, and just generally frustrating. Well it seems that things have come a long way, and the whole experience is a lot friendlier.

I wont say it's easy, as that makes it sound like its drop and drag game like e-Jay (which I must admit I played with once and enjoyed!) however it has become LOADS more work flow friendly. As is the case with a lot of new web-sites etc "it just works" seems to be the mantra.

So when can we expect my first floor filler? Well ok so that still might be some time away, but I am definitely in love with it at the moment, and really can't wait to get stuck in after seeing what's possible.

As well as that... ( I know.. can you believe there's more) I have dusted of my photoshop cap, and muddled up some jazzy images.

Pretty aren't I.

The more observant of you will have noticed that I have given the BTDJ logo here a lick of paint too. I've even been proactive enough to add it to my myspace, which I have to say was surprisingly difficult to do. And that's from someone who works on the internet for a living.

Right, I've clearly exerted myself this weekend, so am probably due a cup to tea and a bit of a sit down.



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