Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19: Bah

The decision to blog everyday, while I knew it was an ambitious one, the thinking behind it was simple. If everyday i can at least do something, no matter how small towards becoming a DJ legend, then by default come the end of the year, I should at least be SOME way towards that goal. Even if its just 365 tiny steps nearer.

I mean even if those steps were really REALLY small, multiplied by 365 and its gotta be at least measurable.

The more astute readers amongst you however will have noticed that not everyday am I making progress. To a degree this can be balanced out by other days when I make bigger steps... but the enormity of my undertaking is starting to dawn on me.

Though as always I am using this to motivate me rather than deflate me. The playing field is level enough that it has to be worth a pop.

So today's small step, I emailed Annie Mac, Kissy Sell-out, Annie Nightingale and Mary Anne Hobbs @ Radio 1. All great DJs mad into the scene, and always full of great tunes. If anyone can spot raw talent it's them :D

Till tomorrow,



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