Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17: Hot fingers...

One day I will learn that when I make my world famous Habanero hot sauce, I should wash my hands before going to the toilet :'(

Anyway so spicy face, nose, and whatever else apart... today has been one of those days where about a million things have popped in to my head that I should be doing to progress the DJ project, but all of them bubbling up so quick that I keep forgetting what they were =(

I have managed to get one or two small things done. I have a friend who lives in New York, and I also have another friend who lives in the UK, but DJs there sometimes. This got me thinking... I mean whats wrong with a little bit of cheek... So I got my friend in NY to hook me up with the names of some of the more suitable clubs there in the city. I've checked them all out, added myself to the mailing lists, and book marked the site for more targeted contact once I compile a decent online profile.

I also sent Hang the DJ and email. Naturally they will be thrilled to have heard from me.

I should be hitting up more clubs quick smart really, as this is the bread and butter of trying to get noticed. However I'd like to get my DJ site up sorted first, and also I need a CD friendly mix. The last one I did is too long, and I don't really want to trim it down.

Something else that came to my attention was this goal planner. This looks like an excellent idea, and something that would really help me when I am having days like today, when the ideas are overwhelming the action.

Tomorrow am definitely, definitely gonna make some progress with Ableton, as weekends are the only time I have enough er, time to dedicate myself to it properly.

for now peace&&love


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