Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16: The end of the week is nigh

Weekends, bloody great aren't they. Whoever invented them needs a stern pat on the back. This one I am looking forward to, as my good friends Luke and Jo are coming over tomorrow. Luke will be forming half of the production outfit. Musically I think we fit together quite well. The Axiom will be getting it's first proper outing, and finally some musical progress can be made.

Whilst doing my usual rounds in DJ Internet world, I came across these guys Hang the DJ. This is obviously fate working its wonderful magic. Not only are we linked by our amazing taste in names... we also seem to be linked by out taste in music. These guys will be getting sent my Phase1 mix asap and no mistake. Obviously they'll not believe their luck when it lands on their lap, and probably get me guest appearing at their next event *crosses fingers*

Time for a beer...

till tomorrow.



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