Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13: Unlucky

Today, as with all Tuesdays ever, has been a pretty dull day. I am desperately trying to think of ways of making progress, while working my ass off at, er, work... also not spending all my evening at the computer as well.

Pic: Pretty as a picture

Today I have tweaked the blog slightly, made it a bit friendlier to look at, and added some links for other blogs I respect. Just heard an interesting new mix by Crookers which was refreshing. An interesting diversion from their normal fayre. Also been checking a mix from Sound of Stereo... these guys kinda switched me on to the Fidgety side of things, so I gotta give them props really. They've got a new tune coming out too, Jack my Trombone... it's awesome so check that if you can.

Need to start spreading the word, still sat on 0 points, the graphs wont look good for January...



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