Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14: I know you can hear me.

Two weeks in, and finally I have an audience. I know that cos I actually mentioned the blog to someone. Hi Matt, just thought I'd give you the personal Big-Up, as I know you'll be reading this. The others have probably forgotten about it already.

Some anonymous feedback suggested I needed to 'man' the blog up a bit, as my choice of ethereal imagery was apparently giving it a feminine leaning.

Macho man Randy Savage, way ahead of his time with the Elctro Fluro vibe

On the DJ front (which after all is what this is about, remember), still barely off the starting blocks. I gave Sound of Stereo some myspace love, they were kind enough to comment back. Also spoke with one of the guys who runs one of my favorite music blogs FVCB, they are partly responsible for my current taste in music, so props to them.

I have decided, what I really need to help me make some progress is a Tonium Pacemaker. Working the hours I do, I barely get chance to do anything productive when I get home as I am baked. So being able to put together mixes on the daily journey too and from work would be awesome.

I guess I am going to have to get this blog all viral... maybe that way they will send me one. Guys will want to be me, girls will want to be with me...

Grrr manly stuff.

Man now the blog just looks gay.

Anyways, that's all yer getting for now.



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