Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 311: Your city's sound...

Recently we explored the wonder that is Imagine my delight then when I found a sweet site the other day that is the Yang, to Globals Yin.

Where Global Soundtracks celebrates the wondrous complexity of world music, this site, is all about keeping it local.

It's basically a site that reads off the location data from songs on Sound Cloud, and then groups them into cities. You can then vote for your own city by twittering it etc. This forms some sort of league.

When you go into a city, it offers you up the latest racks to be uploaded to soundcloud from that location, in a nifty little on-the fly local radio style thing.

I don't know if they are affiliated with Sound Cloud, or are merely using the API, either way I like the simplicity and cleverness of the idea a lot.

Oh, by the way, lookie who's there on the Bristol page (well at time of writing anyway).





  1. nice blog space btdj.neon edge loox cool.hadnt heard of sounds is great for us soundclouders,except if u upload two files seperatley in rapid succession.the second occasionaly doesnt show.i also found out that tracks have to be uploaded as public(first of all)to show at all,reloads dont register.Another cool map based soundcloud twitter site (this my track that didnt make it to citysounds!) :) cheers scope8/onvelooped

  2. Nice, will check that one out too. Now I remember where I discovered citysounds from, via you on twitter!


  3. networking rocks dude! have you checked out like soundcloud but for mixes/podcasts.its been live for two months or so.or did i mention that before?....possibly!lol :)


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