Saturday, November 14, 2009

Day 317: VJ loops - The best visual loops on the internet

A coupla days back we reviewed some audio loops from the kind people at Prime Loops. Well it's not just the audio guys that get to have all the fun.

VJ's have been around since year dot and, to us DJ's are a strange and curious breed. DJ's are show-boaters who like to rock parties etc, VJ's however are more visual artists, than "Video Jockey". These guys have dark and secret ceremonies, laws, and rituals.

Don't confuse VJs with people like Yoda, who uses video in his routines, but as an extension of music, rather than for the joy of the visuals themselves.

Tho more and more DJs are including a visual element into their sets, these die hard dudes that work all night, and often in the background really do deserve a bunch of credit.

So where might a wannabe VJ go to get his loops? Look no further than VJ . I know these guys personally, and whole heartedly endorse their merchandise. These guys live loops, and practice what they preach. Kyle, one of the guys behind VJ Loops recently came back from an Indonesian tour working with the Black Eyed Peas, and Paul Van Dyke.

The whole subject of VJing is way too broad for me to cover here, but feel free to shoot on over to VJ loops and hassle them for info on kit, and how to get started. Tell em Bang the DJ sent you.





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