Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 313: Let's Mix - Pacemaker's 'Youtube for DJ mixes'

Wonder DJ gadget manufacturer Pacemaker have been running a site where you can upload your Pacemaker mixes pretty much since they launched the product. Lately however it seems that it is gaining more and more popularity with non Pacemaker owners as a place to upload your mixes.

Due to this rise in popularity, and slight departure from its original intended use, the guys at Pacemaker are set to launch a new site called "Let's Mix" in a month or so. This will be dedicated to hosting DJ mixes of all varieties, and promises to boast a whole bunch of excellent features, that simply don't fit on the existing site.

So what can we expect? Well for starters we can be sure the emphasis will simply be on finding and sharing music, which is what you want from a DJ mix site naturally. Also we can expect good quality stats to see how well your mixes are doing, and embedded player that plays seamlessly while you browse the site, also allowing for the play listing of mixes, enabling you to keep the stream going all day!

Last of all, the now ubiquitous Social networking share options. Allowing for those handy one click postings to your favourite sites.

Pacemaker have always been innovative and upfront, so I am really looking forward to this. Whilst there are other sites such as Sound Cloud, and Mix Cloud that do similar things, you can be sure those clever Swedes will come up with something clean and effective that could well change the game.




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