Monday, November 2, 2009

Day 305: DJ Hero Daft Punk trailer.

OK so there has been a whole bunch of DJ Hero related hype over the internet the last week, with it's imminent release.

I've largely avoided it, mainly cos I don't have anything to play it on in the first place so there is no point me even teasing myself. A lot of what seems to have been written recently isn't all that positive. A lot of people complaining the price point is too high at $120 (About £100 for UK gamers).

That does seem a lot of money, you could buy some legit DJ kit for that much. Certainly a real direct drive turntable!

That all said and done, it's still pretty hard to no get a little bit amped about it when you see trailers like this:




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  1. i wonder if the remixed songs will be ripped and become available for purchase in the club


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