Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 306: Yamaha Download new music producer portal

Yamaha make many things, some of which are entirely non music related. However, many of them conversely are. I never really understood the sort of company that might make motorbikes AND pianos. Oh of course, don't for get the tenori-on.

Therefore it's not entirely unfitting that they have just launched a music production and band site "Yamaha Download". Claiming to still be in BETA, but we all know that means it's fully working (but they aren't confident enough to admit it yet).

Expect interviews, features, gear and competitions, plus much more I would guess. Already they have a swathe of features, many relevant to the DJ and producer, such as this one on mixing desks.

They are also hosting a battle of the bands style competition, which while not relevant, does give you the chance to win £1000 worth of kit just for taking part, so be sure to check that out too...




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