Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 304: Take the iPhone for a Quixpin Full DJ app creeps ever closer.

The dream of a fully functional, easy to use and robust DJ app for the iPhone seems tantalisingly close. To the point where Quixpin, for all intents and purposes seem to have cracked it.

Sadly apart from the factors out of their control (Namely Apples baffling refusal to allow access to the music library).

That aside, quixonic have come up with some innovative ways of sidestepping some of the problems that the iPhone has in dealing with DJing. Most notably is the cue/monitoring. The iPhone only has one audio output, so to cue a track they cleverly split the audio temporarily into two channels.

This means you have the cued track in the left ear, and the master out in the right. The obvious limitation being that the tracks have to be in mono.

With a Y splitter though you could feasibly have one channel going to headphones and the other to an amp, which is not bad going.

The video below gives a great demonstration of the software actually working, so take a look and see what you think. I definitely think it's worth the few dollars if you want to play around with mixes on the move in the most convincing DJ emulation yet. I think I would still lean towards the Pacemaker for that though over all.

Good progress though.




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