Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 276: How Music Works

OK, big topic, probably more than I can cover in my usual witty daily dose of wisdom. However I did catch a 4 part series for the UK's Channel 4 the other day that did go a long way to explaining exactly how indeed music does work.

As someone who has had their head buried in Loops, Midi clips and subtractive synthesis for the last however long, it was actually very refreshing to see some good old classical music theory, and to better understand why music does what it does.

To that end, I truly recommend you try and dig this series out if you are in any way into music, and you certainly MUST watch it if you make music. Just watching the first episode I was itching to get back to making tunes after my brain started realising what new things I could try with this different look at how music worked.

It's so easy these days to fire up the sequencer, plug in a 4/4 beat, start keying in a lead riff etc. Watching this however you realise that there is a wonderful spectrum of possibility, and all of a sudden creativity seems to come crashing towards you.

Originally the series was on Channel 4, but if you were to point your favorite Bit Torrent site at "How Music Works" you might just be lucky enough to find the 4 programs available.

Just sayin...




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