Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day 282: How to - Smack my Bitch up decompiled.

There are some clever boffins out there on the internets. I have seen videos like this before where they show you the samples used in popular tracks. There is a very interesting one on Daft Punk's One more time doing something similar.

This video focuses on the Prodigy's Smack my bitch up. What I like is that the guy who made it even went to all the effort of printing out the waveforms, and cutting them in the right places etc. That's the kinda attention to detail we like.

This is good also, cos I have always kinda avoided using sampled loops in my own stuff cos I always thought it was a bit "cheaty". However after watching this it reminded me that if you are just copy and pasting them, then maybe so, but if you use them creatively they can still be a valid tool just like anything else.

Check the video out here, and thanks for Matt for the quality find.




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