Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 275: Novation Launchpad. Hot new dedicated Ableton controller.

Not to be outdone by Akai's much acclaimed APC40, hardware manufacturer Novation (of legendary K-station fame) have released the 'Launchpad' (pictured below).

This is one sweet looking piece of kit. By the looks of it, it has all the scene launch, and mixer controlling features you'd expect, it also look small, light, and easy to use. Naturally it comes with an auto map feature to get you up and running right away, not a lot else you can ask for really.

I would like to see this road tested side by side with the APC40, but coming in at half the price of it's Akai counterpart it, what it lacks in expandability, it could easily make up for in size and economy.

Check the blazing video below that really does make it look a lot of fun!




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