Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 280: Vestax DJ controllers.

Old timers on the DJ scene will know that Vestax have been around as long as the hills. Originally they were one of the big names in mixers. In time they did make the move into making turntables too, in a bid to take on industry giant Technics head on.

Technics had been making mixers for sometime, so it's an eye for an eye really. To everyone's pleasant surprise what they came up with was actually very good competition for the 1200/10. Purists will have none of it... but that's purists for you. There very existence is based upon uninformed opinion and nostalgia.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaanyways. The point is, that fast forward to today and Vestax seem to have adapted quite well to the days music scene, and the needs of it's musician.

I present you the TR-1 DJ controller. It looks just like one of their good old mixers, with the same quality build... but it also serves as a controller for your favorite DJ software. Nice!

Not much info on it right now other than this list of features from the press blurb:


  • New soft push switches for tireless mixing.
  • Smooth 60mm slide input faders or high-precision mixing.
  • Selectable deck control (Max 4channels. A&C controlled by PGM1, B&D controlled by PGM2).
  • New SHIFT switch feature to customize deck control functions.
  • Adjustable LED light volume.
  • Can control up to more than 160 parameters of compatible software.
  • A compact, durable and easy-to-operate body design that ensures excellent reliability on tour .
  • Traditional Vestax white gold face plate and knobs.
  • Bundled software: Native Instruments Traktor LE.

Can't wait to hear amore about this bit of kit and the rest of their DJ line. So, anyone tell me what Technics are putting out these days?




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