Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 48: Phunk it

I am almost starting do dread Monday and Tuesday Bangs... so little can possibly happen of interest, no matter how hard I try.

Not just the fact that it's plain old beginning of the week blues, they are also sorta the two busiest days at my day job... in a sort of try and get it all done before the end of the week stylee.

I can however offer up some more soviet goodness. Yesterdays video of Proxy playing live show you a taste of how I like it, but fellow countryman Marseille also cuts a mean remix too.

Marseille France - Completely unrelated.

What I particularly like about these Russian guys is that they have a brash, yet well crafted "take no prisoners" electro attacking style. However unlike their more European counterparts, they definitely inject some new flavour in to the genre.

There is definitely an aggressive military tone going on (anyone who head Raven by Proxy knows exactly what I am on about. And this goes well with pounding rhythms, and marching like dance moves.

Definitely worth checking out.




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